September 25, 2011

Weekend at the Y

It feels like the first time since we've been back that we haven't gone through a tank of gas in one weekend!  That's being somewhat pessimistic because it's always been a GOOD reason for doing so, like seeing family or seeing the Cougs lose to the Utes, etc. But this weekend, we stayed in...Provo, at least.

 This was our first time hiking the Y together (I think)! Not sure why we chose to hike it at 3:30 on a hot Friday afternoon...but I think we were excited about the BYU game that night and knew we'd be sitting on our butts for three hours watching it, so we should probably get some exercise and enjoy Provo while we're here.
The real question is, why didn't we bring any water with us?  We loved this shady spot, giving us a reason to lose the shades for a sec :)

Barely beat the Luckys in horseshoes at our ward social on Saturday...why does it always gotta be red vs. blue?
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