September 20, 2011

Red and Blue

I call this post red and blue because of how big this whole BYU vs. UTAH rivalry was last week and how this weekend we found ourselves (Blue) being pretty united with (Red) people in activities and attitudes this weekend. 
Devin got everything ready for camping on Friday, including tin foil dinners...but then it started raining around 5:30 p.m. Scratch that idea!  (yet, our friends still ended up trying to hike Mt. Timpanogos that night and got up to the shack where it had started snowing...did not sound fun).  Thankfully, the rain did not banish our plans to hike to the Timponogos Caves on Saturday!

Okay, this isn't the's only about 1/4 mile of the way up, but we have a thing for taking pictures under arches.

THIS is the cave, one of them (did you know there are three caves in "The Timponogos Caves"?)


This is always what I imagined the Boogie Man to be made out of. sick.

It ended up being a GORGEOUS day, not too hot for a hike, but warm enough for coming out of a chilly cave. 
Back to Red vs. Blue, we saw so many Cougar fans on the way up and down the trail who'd say "Go Cougs!" or something as we passed, and then it was kind of awkward to pass Ute fans who were also hiking the same trail...luckily there wasn't any smack talk.

We got to meet up with Heather at her in-laws house in Salt Lake, who decided to let us into their home, even though they were cheering for the Utes. (Some of their kids went to BYU, how can they do that? haha)

We headed to the Fullmer's for the game, which I don't want to talk about, but let me just say that both the BYU  and UTAH fans at that house were pretty annoyed with their teams...until the very end, of course the Red boys were happy.  But Utah got lucky...more than half of their points were thanks to our fumbles/turnovers.


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  1. You guys seem to have way to much fun outside :). I love it. Its inspiring even.

  2. We're just trying to make up for all we missed, being in 55-60 degree weather all summer!