September 17, 2011


I remember the exact moment I heard the temple was coming: I was a freshman at BYU and it was my first time EVER attending General Conference in person.  There I was, in the conference center, where President Thomas S. Monson announced that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  would be getting their (OUR) very own temple.  Tears immediately streamed down my face and my mind flooded with thoughts of the the prayers that have been said for so long, the people who have never been able to travel to D.C. to go, that my family might go more frequently...all of which brought tears of joy and I don't know if anyone around me knew what a big deal it was, but in that moment I was in such a happy place.

This morning Devin and I got to watch the groundbreaking of this future temple at the home of some friends of ours.  Look at that beautiful structure!  One of the speakers said it was unlike any of the others being built.  I love that it will fit in with the historical structures all around it, but still be unique in design and purpose.  Construction won't start until spring with the completion estimated to be sometime in sounds so far away!

The plan was to go camping last night.  As excited as I/we were, I'm kind of glad it rained because we were able to go watch this with some friends this morning and I get to see April who is in Provo today, before she leaves on her mission!

Life is just good....we're going to hike the Timpanogos ice caves today and then go meet up with a bunch of friends (Red AND Blue) to watch the BYU vs. UTAH game!

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  1. That temple is so pretty. I've always wanted to hike the timp ice caves, I've heard they are cool!

  2. K I guess I'm completely out of the loop, but I had no idea Philadelphia was going to be getting a temple! How exciting, the structure is really beautiful too.