August 8, 2011

8 days a week

Oh wait, are there only 7 days a week?  Because we've worked every day this week and it feels like sooooo many more.
The last day we had off to do something fun, we planned to hike up to these waterfalls:
Yes, those tiny little falls up there.  But apparently none of the trails lead to them and even rock-climbing photographers can't get up to it, so alas, we ended up deviating from a nature trail (which you're not supposed to do) because we found a cool stream with sock-eye salmon in it!
 I realized that we could possibly reach out and grab them from the bank that we were standing on so I hung onto a branch and lowered myself into the water and actually got my hand around the fish without it moving!  After that it was less than a minute before Devin was unzipping his old school zip off pants and taking his shoes off to get right in there with them.
He brought his sweet new blade to try and spear one because they kept slipping out of his hands.

If you know Devin, you know this face :)  He's excited to be so close to them!
Well we had ourselves another undocumented BEAR encounter!  
I turned around and looked up at the trail we came down from and there was a black bear just sitting up there watching us - try and take its food
Devin: Hey I'm just gunna go down here and see if there's some salmon closer to the bank
Me: uhh Devin? There's a bear and we gotta go!
Needless to say, I grabbed Devin's zipoffs and got out of there while all I can hear is Devin: "Heyyyy Bear. Heyyyy Bear"
Right then it ran back into the woods, but as soon as we got back up on the trail it ran down into the stream and got itself a sock-eye!  
Best adventure so far (that we found ourselves!)
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  1. & this is why I DON'T go on hikes!! Ahh!

  2. Forgot to give you that plastic hand-clapping clacker to take to Alaska to scare away the bears! So, Claire, did you end up getting the fish that you got your hands on? Sorry you have to work so much, but maybe it keeps you out of trouble (& danger!) Love you, Mom

  3. haha no, it was to slippery for me to grab out of the water