August 12, 2011

Go fish, some more

Devin's trying to make the best use of his out of state annual fishing license (which means expensive), so our date last week was finding a new spot to go fishing since we had the use of a car.

We're pretty good at finding unmarked territory, so we ended up finding a path that lead almost straight down a woodsy mountain side to a creek on the far side of a popular fishing harbor.
Only a few moments passed before Devin was up and at 'em, snagging pinks from the pool of water right in front of us.  They were everywhere!  

(Trust me, Devin caught them)

 This is a KING salmon that some kids (below) offered us to take home because it was starting to turn red and they had already caught a nice silver one.  We were stoked!  We had a mighty tasty Sunday dinner with it that fed 7 people!

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  1. I'd love to have some of that salmon! Yumm! The cheapest I've seen any here this summer is $9.99/lb on sale!