July 29, 2011

All together

Okay so I know you've been seeing our pictures of things and places in Juneau, but here is a video that gives a great view of what everything is really like here in Juneau (minus the frolicking girls and people carrying flags everywhere - this was done around the Fourth of July, can't you tell?)
Yeah, so Devin and I had no part in the making of this movie so there are a lot of random things in there that you will care nothing about but this video captures some of the things that I've wanted to share with you, like:
-the amazing view (especially at sunset) as you drive down the highway
-the view from Sandy Beach as the beautifully lit cruise ships leave town
-Just the sky in general as you drive on any road here
-the gushing waterfalls
...and the list goes on.  So here are some snippets put together by a coworker and I hope you enjoy some of it.
p.s. the still image that you see below is probably the best way to awkwardly capture each of these people. love it.

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  1. Claire I'm so glad you update your blog so frequently :) I should be better. I love being able to see all the unique things you are doing there, like making fireweed jelly (I'd actually love some flowers) and driving dog sleds. Alaska looks beautiful!