June 24, 2011

Era Helicopter Tour

Last Friday we got to comp a helicopter ride out to the Taku Glacier! 
It was our first time ever riding in a helicopter :)
 This was the beautiful view as we flew above the whole downtown area and the bridge to Douglas Island.  I cannot get enough of how the trees simply cover all of the mountains.  Below is the view in the other direction, down the Gastineau Channel to the beautiful valley.

It landed us on the Taku Glacier where we got off and had a look around...  
We saw some running water as we got off of the helicopter and the pilot said "Whatever is at the end of running water is usually really cool" and this is what we found: 

 These crevasses twisted all throughout the glacier and as you can see below - were REALLY DEEP!  It was actually kind of scary to be climbing around and hopping over but these sweet moon boots were pretty good for traction :)
We took off from here to go back to base but kept flying over glaciers that I can't even remember the name of, but this one was huge and the crevasses seen below it were really cool to fly over. 

And here's our landing pad which we returned to safely, thanks to our pilot McShane!

And that's probably the coolest thing we'll get to do on our day off in a while...if you want to see more pictures/videos of it, check out our Facebook pages :)

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