June 17, 2011


    Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL weather and we got off early enough to enjoy it!  Devin was busy doing some job researching when we got home and I just couldn't sit around with those beautiful rays beaming outside. So, I hopped on my bike and headed downtown to a consignment shop I had been wanting to check out (it's always closed by the time we get off work).  They actually had some pretty cute skirts, which I was mostly looking for since I only brought two for the whole summer.  Anyway, Devin called me while I was there and told me he was going fishing with James at the Hatchery dock.
The thought of laying out on a warm wooden dock by the water and watching Devin catch some fish sounded wonderful to me so I told him I'd meet them there on my bike.

That building in the background is the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery which has pools full of baby salmon right now.  No one's line can really get out into the pools but there are still fish all around here and more will be coming soon.  Before I got there Devin had caught himself a baby salmon - his first salmon of the summer! 

 This clump of mussels got us pretty excited, thinking he had a fish on the end.  Devin was a little disappointed but he caught more than James so it wasn't totally unsuccessful.  
I had biked about 6.5 miles from our house by the time I got there so I was pretty beat.  I just laid out on the dock for about 15 min, not moving a mussel, I mean muscle (hehe) and I hear this little boy say,
"Look, it's a dead human, it's a dead human!" I couldn't help but laugh, blowing my cover as a dead person :)

Only one ship today and it doesn't come in until 3:00 p.m. so we had a "bondfire" last night with all the drivers and some other random people who work with the cruise tours showed up.  There's a dock rep who has all of these crazy instruments - two djembes, little shakers, a guitar, a glass bowl? haha anyway, lots of people bring their guitars and stuff and it's just a really fun time, you might be able to see them playing in the right of this picture.

  Sorry, I took this picture with my phone so it's kind of fuzzy and lots of people were moving, but GET THIS: 
This picture was taken at 11:30 p.m. - look how light the sky is!  It honestly never got very much darker than that and we left at like 1:30 a.m....the sun has been rising around 3:30 a.m. lately and it was still like this at 2:30 when we went to bed (don't worry, this isn't a usual for us. we usually go to bed at like 10:30 like boring married people do) so I don't think we ever would have seen the sky go dark last night.  Oh and it was a full moon, so that probably had to do with it!
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  1. I love the bonfire picture from your phone. I guess it's time for the longest day of the year, especially long up there! How big was the baby salmon? Enough to cook and eat, or just tiny? Love your narrative of your adventures!

  2. Thanks, I used the panoramic setting and I actually have some really awesome pics from it that I just figured out how to get on the comp so hopefully I'll get those up soon. I never saw the baby salmon but no, not big enough to eat. Next time! haha