June 29, 2011

Familiar Faces Welcome Anytime!

Devin and I got to take the morning off to spend time with my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jerry who came to Juneau on a cruise!  Lucky them, they got to experience Juneau in it's truest state: rainforest. 

We rode the tram with them up to the top of Mt. Roberts.  One minute it looked like this:
The next minute it looked like this:

 We got to take them to the Mendenhall Glacier and take the trail out to Nugget Falls 

They came at the perfect time for us - just when things were starting to get a little mundane with the same routines, etc. What a nice break it was to take the morning off and see our very own family in Alaska! So glad we could see them :)

****Speaking of familiar faces in Alaska, I saw THIS GUY heading back onto the Princess ship from a tour that he and his family had just taken.

 That's right, Jackson Emery.
I was standing next to my bus and it was all I could do to keep from running up to him and getting him to sign anything I was holding, which happened to be my passengers' tickets so I was really disappointed I had nothing else.  If I had a camera though, no doubt I would have ran right up to him...sorry I don't really have any evidence. But take my word for it, I saw him in Alaska :)
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  1. Haha that's awesome you say Jackson Emery! That's way funny. That tram ride looks so pretty too....

  2. I believe you...
    So glad you got to see someone in the family! I would be really upset that it wasn't me if I wasn't having a great visit with Grandma, and seeing her improve a lot. Love you, Mom