May 2, 2011

Wanna Get a Cheesesteak?

Devin asked me thisTuesday morning, no more than one minute after waking up. Could have been for a couple reasons:
1) We got some on Saturday and Monday afternoon - they're good enough to have 3 times in 4 days
2) We were trying to get ourselves on Alaska time zone, so we stayed up late and woke up late almost every day...usually around lunchtime, hence the craving.
3) He realized that Joey's is better than Jack's because their bread is better (baked at an Italian bakery in Conshohocken) and they have Italian guys who work there, versus Jack's who are mostly Mexican.  Which would be great if we wanted a burrito.
On another good food note, we stayed with Derek and Talane the night we got in and then met my parents in Philly the next night for dinner.  We ate at "The Clam Tavern", a place my dad has loved for years (like 30+) and let me tell you - YUMMY seafood...and fries :)  Great prep for Alaska!

The weather was GREAT!  Rain threatened us almost every day, but never interfered.  

We took Molly (dog) to the dog park which has a river that runs through it, such a beautiful day!

Ben took us on a hike up to Mushroom Rock at St. Peter's Village.  Aren't those roots so cool?! I'm so glad someone painted this.  I'm actually standing on a huge rock across from it to take this picture so the rock Devin on is actually much bigger and higher up than it looks. 

Herr's Chip Factory!
At the end of the tour, the guide goes in and gets a tray of hot potato chips off the belt for you to try - nothing like a hot potato chip!

Gettysburg - Museum, Cyclorama, and auto tour around the battlefields

 Devin was pretty excited to go to Gettysburg, hoping the whole way there that they'd let him "shoot a cannon, or a musket, or something". Yeah right. But the displays of them were great!

I simply LOVE Abraham Lincoln, I just have total compassion for him as a leader and how much he dealt with.  What an inspiring man.

The cyclorama is a 360 degree display of the battle at Gettysburg.  It is the largest oil canvas painting on display in the U.S.  


 Devin and I have a thing for taking pictures under arches when we go to PA. I think this is our third.

Devin and I gained so much appreciation for our nation's history this trip, between Gettysburg and Washington D. C.!

We were so lucky to come out of the session and catch this picture as the sun was starting to set and cast that beautiful glow against the temple. The grounds are covered in tulips, loved it!
(We're not standing together because the sun came onto the temple right before the guy took a picture trying to get the fountain right between us, haha)

Oh and, Happy Easter! After not getting to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family, it was so nice that Easter happened to be when we were coming to PA. I feel like it is the only holiday where the true meaning is easier to focus on because hardly any of it is about ourselves, except being thankful.
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  1. I loved seeing your latest travels! Your time in Philly and D.C. look so fun. What a beautiful picture of the temple! Everything looks so green and lush.
    I would love to go to Gettysburg! That one will have to be on our essential list next time we head east..... Love you---keep sharing! We look forward to your pics and description!

  2. We love, love, loved hanging out with you (and eating your leftover dinner)...have fun in Alaska!

  3. Claire!! I just loved that last picture - it's gorgeous. The lighting, the temple (your outfit, you), everything. Have so much fun!

  4. Oh my goodness, how could I not mention how much we're going to MISS the Clarkes?! We're so glad we got to see you guys one last time too. Laura, you guys would love Gettysburg, that would be a fun trip to take again :)
    April, you are the bomb dot com, I need to call you asap, I'm sorry it's lonely there!