May 5, 2011

Our two new states!

Hooray, Devin and I have added two new states to our list: Washington and Alaska!
Our quick stay in Seattle was AWESOME! Seriously, we love it there. If you've seen our honeymoon pics you know that Devin and I have this attraction to bright yellow inns with adobe style roofs...
(not a very attractive picture and yes, he is pushing me on the luggage cart, but...)
look at that sky! It was a beautiful night in Seattle, perfect temperature for a trip downtown. We took the light rail from the airport to downtown via the light rail which was pretty cheap, clean, and got us to dinner RIGHT in time for our reservation.  

 The famous "Gum Wall" - the thing we loved about the city was that we could go down random alleys (like this one) and everything was so well-lit and clean that we didn't feel nervous at all! 

We took a refreshing stroll down Pike's Place Market feeling a cool breeze from the water front and a somewhat refreshing smell of fish and salt water from the shops closing down for the day. We loved the brick roads. 

(Sorry, our only option for eye color was red or freakish alien-looking blue)
 Pretty soon after this picture was taken, we walked up toward the hustle and bustle of town passing this black guy on the corner who was rapping to himself.  As we passed, he stopped and said "Dang girl, you got real nice skin, no really, you've got some real nice skin!" Haha! It sounds kind of creepy, but for some reason he actually just seemed like he wanted to give me a compliment and so we smiled/laughed and went on our way.  Devin likes the street goers here better than in PA, too, that's for sure.  

Okay let me just tell you that I had to take a picture here because I could have sworn that it was the cafe in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan waits for Tom Hanks with her book and a rose.  The dark wood exterior that slopes down with the street it's on so that you can look in the windows, just like he does in the movie.  Even the interior colors are the same!  Sadly, after I researched I found out it's some cafe in NY that is not even as cute as this so I just want to pretend it was here :) 

That about did it for Seattle, now I bet you want to hear about Alaska.
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  1. Seattle looks awesome! Now we want to go. Hope you guys are having a good time!

  2. AHHHHHHH I'M SO HOMESICK! We won't make it up until July. There is so much more to do, you guys should try come down again when we're up!

  3. Haha Ali, I was kind of thinking of you when I wrote this...I was hoping I wasn't making you too homesick but holy cow, we'd love to see more :) We will be there again on Sunday, August 28th - the day before school starts. If you're not there, it'd be so fun if all the couples took a trip up there or something!