April 22, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

So Devin leaves for his doctor's appointment Thursday morning and I still had to write a paper, clean, and pack before 1:00...I started my paper and heard a knock on the door.  SOMEHOW the Jehovah's Witness missionaries found our apartment.  Seriously, you cannot even tell that there is an apartment down where we are from the outside...
Anyway, they were very nice but they wanted to come in and share a message.  Let's see - time crunch to the max, our apartment is completely empty, and Devin's not even home...not about to let some guys come in (oh yeah, and I'm Mormon!).  It made me realize, however, what our missionaries go through every day when they contact people who are "just too busy" or "not interested" and the thought of these visitors being like some of my friends and family who are on missions reminded me that they have the best of intentions.  So I told them our situation and offered to take some of their pamphlets.  At least they were very nice and not pushy or I would have been frustrated. 
Sorry for that random story - I'm just still very puzzled as to how they stumbled upon our apartment.  Anyway, our apartment has been completely cleansed of our belongings, as you can see below:

This was before we strapped a road bike on top of the mattress for Greg!  Seriously, we made them look like hicks with all our stuff in there but SO grateful for their help :)  We probably got all the boxes out in about 30-45 minutes!  With all of that out, we slept on our pull-out bed couch with a blanket, cleaned the next day, took some finals, and we were outta there!

Good-bye Provo, have a nice summer! Pin It


  1. Give us your new address so we an write to you!

  2. You are too cute! Since our blog is public I sent it to you on pinterest :)

  3. Claire! I miss you already! And you should send me your address, too. :)