May 24, 2011


Sourdough is what they call a true, old-timer, through and through Alaskan...I doubt Devin and I will be getting anywhere near that level - ever.  However, I think we surprise a lot of people when they find out we've only been here for about three weeks because we've really been learning our stuff!

The way Devin and I like to tour is to give more of the facts and history on the way out to the destination and then give some stories, fun facts, and answer questions on the way back.  Dispatch has been giving us what they call "The lovebird special" :)  Basically they've been giving us a lot of the same assignments so that we can both come in to work at the same time and stage together (staging is what you do after you drop off passengers and have wait time before going back to pick them up).  They love to put us together on "Wildlife/Glacier", which is taking people out to Auke Bay to do whalewatching and then to the Mendenhall Glacier.  Seriously, I would totally do this tour if I were a cruiser.  Auke bay is BEAUTIFUL whether it's rain or shine, even if you don't see any whales (which they are guaranteed to, so no prob!).  We get about 3 hours of stage time between the bay and the glacier so we get to go park at the grocery store and get lunch - we've also played some cards and stuff to pass the time...while getting paid :) okay enough bragging, here are some pictures of some places we take people to:
 Summer Dog Camp:  These dogs are training for the Iditarod race!
(I am SO glad we don't work here - we all left pretty dirty and smelling like wet dog. sick.)

They let us drivers take a ride - these dogs are SO hyper when they get hooked to that rope.  

Three beautiful views from the top of "Glacier Gardens".  This was during a transition of rain to sun - breathtaking.
 The greenhouse at Glacier Gardens has TONS of hanging flower baskets like the ones in this picture, it smells wonderful in there.  Devin and I thought this heart was really cheesy so we had to take a picture with it. The reason it's even there, I think, is because the entire gardens were created together by a husband and wife.
 This is taken from the visitor's center at the Glacier the same day as the Garden pictures above when the rain had just stopped. 
 We took a hike out to Nugget Falls with some passengers and enjoyed the amazing view and breeze right next to the Mendenhall Lake.

Sorry we haven't posted in so long, it's just that it feels like we do the same thing all day every day.  However, more ships are starting to come in and we're bonding with our guests more and more so I'm sure we'll have some good stories to tell soon!  Until then, no news is good news :)
We love and miss you all so much!
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  1. BEAUTIFUL!! We loved looking at the pictures of Alaska and of YOU! You look great and it sounds like everything is working out so well! How I would love to be on your tour....maybe soon?? Keep sharing and posting...we check everyday for an update! We love and miss you both!!

  2. Great pics guys. Ky and I say after how much fun it would be to get away and do something like that. Glad everything is going well. Love u both!!