May 10, 2011

First week in Alaska...

THIS WEATHER is driving me crazy. Actually, we're pretty used to it now, but holy cow.
Sunday = rainy/cloudy/cold.
Monday (first day of training) = sunny with some clouds, cool.
Tues - Fri = rainy, cloudy, cold.
      And that's when I was like, "What have I gotten myself into...this cannot be my summer."  If you know me, you know I thrive on sunny days - the worst could be happening and it would hardly phase me because of how much a clear blue sky and sunny rays can capture me.  Luckily, the DISNEY Cruiseship came to town on Saturday and brought some of it's magic; we had a warm(ish), sunny weekend!  Because of the beauty I saw here on Saturday, I knew that there was hope for enduring these cold, rainy days. It is much more bearable now that I know what a sunny day here is like.  Okay, enough weather are some pictures!

View from our house on Douglas Island (across the Gastineau Channel from Juneau).  We love this house and LUCKED OUT.  Lots of drivers are having to stay in a hotel downtown 'til they find housing but we got pretty hooked up with this super nice couple, the McDonalds who are renting us a room/bathroom of their house and another room/bathroom to the husband's younger brother and friend who are also driving and so kind to take us to work with them every day! (until our bikes get here, that is) We love this house, all the wood inside and trees around us make us feel like we're living in a log cabin :)

 A place called "outer point" that we hiked to.  There are mussel shells everywhere.

 A really cool view of the glacier in the middle of a rainstorm.

 Our attempt at making tin foil dinners in the oven.  Pretty tasty!
 Hooray, we're driving!! (I'm not really sure what Devin's face is relaying but I think it's positive)
The shirts they give us are SO big so we're mostly seen wearing our jackets.

View to the north from the Juneau-Douglas bridge on a sunny day.

And here's the kicker...
 Now you know how I know how we can be content here.  I don't think Devin ever doubted whether he would love being here, but it was this day/night that did it for me.

       This place is called Eagle Beach.  The Disney cruise left around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, giving us time to come home, pack some things up for a hotdog roast and we took it all out here and enjoyed a wonderful evening around the campfire with the McDonalds.  We had some great encounters there - one with a beautiful bald eagle flying right over our heads and one with a high, intoxicated man who came up to us rambling about the view of the glacier during the beautiful sunset above.  He said it looked like wind (whatever wind looks like).
        Mid-sentence he said, "I'm high, I'm sorry" and later asked us if we smoked weed, "just a suggestion" he said. haha!  Oh and he was from Pennsylvania...just thought I'd add that in. Needless to say, that's about when we packed up and headed home.  I'd say we ended our week perfectly. 

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  1. What amazing pictures! That is such a unique experience that you have to live there for the summer. I wouldn't be surprised if Devin loves it so much you end up living there, the mountain man :) I loved seeing the pictures and hearing how the trip back East went, too. Miss you both!

  2. We all love your updates. Keep letting us be part of your Alaskan experience! What a fun way to earn summer money! I think you've been warmer than we have been! Next week is supposed to be better!!
    Love you both and look forward to seeing more!