May 30, 2011

Day off!

We feel really lucky and thankful to have gotten every Sunday off since we've been here.  The only downside to this is that we haven't gotten to take advantage of doing complimentary tourist excursions that are available for our days off.  This week was a little slow, however, so we actually got Friday off in addition to today!  OH how we needed that day off.
Devin has been battling a cold so the extra sleep was just what he needed.  Anyway, we used our time to it's fullest!
After eating a wonderful breakfast, we took off to a shoreline for Devin to do some fishing while I sat and soaked up some rays :) hooray, another beautiful day!
 Devin got this sweet fishing pole for about $30 from a guy on Craigslist - who ended up throwing up a whole bag of lures for free. 
No luck with a catch but it was still really relaxing.  He even has these sweet slip on shoe protectors so he could stand way out close to the water.
The plan for the day followed with WHALE WATCHING!  We were pretty hungry with a half hour to spare, so we grabbed some fish and chips at "The Flight Deck".  We weren't too impressed for how talked up it is and for how expensive it is...Provo spoiled us, but it was still pretty good.
This was part of the upper-deck of the whale watching boat.  Cloudy/rainy days are supposed to be great days for catching some whale action but we saw enough for it to be worth going on a day as beautiful as this. 

 I loved seeing them spout and spray - this is their exhale before they go deep to feed.  One time there were about three whales right in the same spot and they all sprayed one after the other.

These humpback whales loved showing of their tails, and look how close to the boat they came!  It was so unreal to see how big they actually are.  
 We also saw some sea lions.  This little guy above is seen below trying to find himself a spot on the buoy, which the others didn't like.  These sea lions have more of a growl than a friendly bark - they were so funny to watch.  Everyone cheered when he finally got himself up there!

It was so funny to be up on the deck while the whales were out because of all the people who just stood there, cameras ready, quiet as can be - as if they can hear us and get scared away. Either way, it was so fun to be tourists for the day :)

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  1. That last picture is just adorable. :) What a cute couple.

  2. We went to a documentary/movie at the zoo called Alaska--I was surprised to learn how much wildlife is there during the summer! Lots of salmon, humpback whales, bears, birds, and tons of greenery because of the long days of sun. I thought of you. Your pictures look beautiful! MIss you,

  3. Some beautiful pictures! Glad I didn't see them on Tues. or Weds., because I would have been so jealous of being near snow-covered mountains, with the heat and humidity here. So glad you got to go and play tourist an get some rest! Love, Mom