June 6, 2011

Walking on sunshine

Okay, more like walking on glacier!  
On Friday we took a 2.5-3 mile hike out to the West side of the Mendenhall Glacier.  We got to a fork that pointed to the left for "West Glacier trail" and to the right for "Unmaintained, hazardous trail".  Of course we took the latter.  Don't worry, there were 5 of us!  Besides, it was just a little overgrown and had some rocks to climb over - not bad at all and had some really pretty lookout points: 

Here's what the trail brought us to:
This is our friend Sam climbing up to this awesome arch in the glacier.  It was kind of hard to walk on, despite the many crevices seen below so Sam got some mud and slapped it down in front of him for some traction. 
I just made Devin give me his hiking poles because he was smart and brought his awesome waterproof shoe covers :)

There was also a beautiful view of the Mendenhall Lake and Nugget Falls from the glacier. 
We've been making some great use of our days off!

p.s. We got called to be Sunbeam teachers...Devin is so excited.
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  1. We love to hear about your weeks in Alaska. What beautiful country...and you look like you're having fun. About that sunbeam assignment....You guys will be great...a whole room full of Isaacs. That is such a fun age!
    Hey, we are wondering if you can skype?? We want to see you live!
    Love you love you

  2. Take care of those little baby eskimos. Lovin the pictures!

  3. Great pictures. You two really know how to take full advantage of wherever you are! I wish Grandma could see these...she asks about you both every time I talk to her, and sends her love. She is not confident about the internet, though. Send her a postcard if you get a chance. Lots of love, Mom