April 12, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies

I don't think Devin had seen the inner/former Daisy/Brownie in me until we passed a Girl Scout Cookie stand.  I begged him to turn around and he wouldn't because he doesn't like cookies and I thought that was a sign, getting me to remember that if we did go and get them, I would eat all of them - so I let it go.  But then I went to pick him up one day and there they were - I was weak for "samoas", or what I like to call Caramel Delights :)  This happened quite a while ago, but I just came across a RECIPE for them, so I thought I'd share!   Instead of putting it all on here, since it's not my recipe and I don't even know this woman, I'll just give you the link HERE.
YUM!  Looks just like the real thing!  She also has a recipe for Tagalongs (the peanut butter chocolate ones) if you so desire.....HERE. I think the Tagalong recipe includes the recipe for shortbread :)
In case you wanted to know, yes. I ate the whole box and was very protective of them.  BUT they did last for more than 3 days...which was my goal :) Pin It

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