April 11, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday...

Don't worry, I know it's not Tuesday.  I just wanted to share some things from last Tuesday that were pretty inspiring and thought-provoking:

I went to the BYU Devotional given by Derek Marquis, the managing director of BYU Broadcasting.  His talk reminded me of the ways that prophets of old tried to communicate to as many people at once; often standing on high places (towers, walls, etc.) or speaking in an area with great open space for people to gather around.  We are so fortunate today to have convenient, quick, and productive ways to send and receive messages of peace, counsel, and wisdom.  With this devotional being right after General Conference, it made me feel so thankful for today's technology that makes it possible to stream it online so I can watch in the comforts of our own home when I was sick or to be able to go back and see what we missed during Saturday's session (which we had to skip all of for bus training :/ ).  Not to mention, people who are not close enough to a church building to hear it, etc.  During conference, 30 languages are interpreted around the world and transmitted back to the Conference Center, where the audio is combined with video and broadcast via satellite with only a FEW seconds delay!  If you weren't able to listen to or watch April's General Conference, click HERE.   If you want to listen to the devotional, click HERE.
          Not only General Conference, but lds.org and mormon.org  have used advanced technology to their benefit to reach as many people as possible and let those in the church share their own testimonies with the world.
His closing messages brought 3 points for thought:
1. What's my tag line? In the broadcasting business, there are tag lines that networks use to show what they are about, what their goal is, etc.  Ex: TBS - "Very Funny", BYUTV - "See The Good In The World"
          -Decide today who you'd like to be and what you'd like people to remember about you.
2. What's on my playlist?
          -Does our choice of music, television, movies, etc. reflect or fit with the message of our tagline?
3. What's my role?
          -What is your purpose?  There is so much potential to use today's technology for good.  Become         actively engaged in finding a way to help promote your tagline. 

One more experience from that day:  Devin and I got to go up to South Jordan and do an endowment session at the Jordan River Temple in French!  Thankfully they had headsets to listen to it in English, but even so I tried to hear things that I may have remembered from my measly years of high school French and I loved it.  Seeing those without the headsets made me so thankful, once again, for the technology that we have to make it possible for them to experience something so special in a way that is meaningful to them. 

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