March 20, 2011

Our Last Weekend Out For A While...

Last Saturday was the Rex Lee Run, a pretty popular annual 5k/10k race in Provo, raising money for cancer.  Last Friday night I checked the weather for the next morning and it said AM showers, starting at 9 - GREAT! Right when the race was supposed to start - which was a bummer because the weather has pretty much everything to do with my motivation to run.  Well, we got up Saturday morning and I could not have been happier, the weather was PERFECT :)
The race started and ended at the outdoor track. Most of the first mile was running up University Pkwy and down 9th was kind of pathetic to think I ran a half-marathon a year ago and now running a 5k non-stop is pretty exhausting.  Besides getting nauseous at the smell of Wendy's as I came around the last corner, it actually wasn't too bad!  There's nothing that gives me more energy to run than blue skies, the sun beaming on me, and a light breeze.   
Devin was such a trooper to come cheer me on, let alone take some pictures
p.s. We also saw Tangled that night and WE APPROVE! Very entertaining :)

We started out our week great! I got Devin (and I) Monday night's Jazz tickets for Valentine's Day. It was hard to wait a whole month to go but it was such a fun way to celebrate being married for 7 months! Abram met up with us for dinner at Pat's BBQ in Salt Lake.
Yes, snagged this pic from the web - but seriously, this place is a big deal.  It's been on one of those famous Food Network shows, and Devin was obsessed with their ribs. We thought the menu was pretty expensive, but when we saw how much meat was on those things - totally worth it!

Even though I've previously been a Sixer's fan, the Jazz has been reeling me in and I really wanted a jersey, so we stopped at the D.I. before the game and I found one from some kids' community league basketball team - but it works, and totally worth $1!
See the top right corner above the red strip That's where our tickets had us sitting.  After the first quarter we decided to come down to THIS view, where there were a bunch of empty seats and never got hassled the whole night! Pretty good seats for $10 a pop, huh?
Not to mention, it was a really exciting game toward the end...After being about 15 points behind in the whole game, the 76ers had a major comeback in the last 5 minutes and actually got one point ahead, the crowd went crazy and there was this awesome Sixer's fan near us getting so excited :)
Devin and I almost wanted the Sixer's to win just because it'd make it that much more of an interesting/exciting game :) However, the Jazz tied it up and headed into overtime for a win.
It was still ended up being a really exciting game and definitely a worthwhile trip for the night!
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  1. fun! so good to see you guys last week. one of these times we'll come with no kids and really get to spend some time together. love you both!