March 25, 2011

Under the knife...

That's right! Devin got knee surgery last Wednesday. The week before he had an MRI done to confirm that his ACL was torn, which is something that can only be repaired with surgery. By the following Monday he was meeting with the surgeon and two days later they went in and performed the surgery by using his hamstring to repair the torn ligament (I hope I'm getting all this terminology right...).

Thankfully my work has been really lenient in letting me miss things (like an entire activity the night of the surgery. THANK YOU!) in order to be there for him.  He was so mad that the nurses woke him up from the anesthesia instead of letting him just sleep because he was so tired and had to wait in recovery for about 2.5 hours :\  However, once they gave him some Demerol he was in heaven. haha
Finally at about 9:30 that night they let us go home and as you can see, he's been living like a King for the past week :) And what a week it's been.  (Thank you Yates family for the pull-out couch! We've put it to great use!)  That box he is hooked up to gets filled with ice and water and it runs the cold water through that blue tube to a pad that you wrap around whatever is keep the swelling and pain down, I guess.  It helped Devin a lot, especially during the night. 
He is doing great in physical therapy and feels so good after going there - "he's textbook" says the physical therapist, meaning just where he should be, if not better. He actually flexed more than 90 degrees today and is able to walk with minimal support from his crutches.

Oh and, MARCH MADNESS! A great week to be excused from all responsibilities with nothing else to do ;)
Devin's old roommates have graciously given us the rights to come watch the games whenever we want at their house, which has a huge living room set-up with comfy couches - in exchange for our T.V., seen above.  This has provided maximal entertainment as we've been able to watch two games at once...
Unless you're Devin who has to try and keep himself awake just to eat.  just kidding I wasn't actually there for this, but I can't stop laughing every time I see it.  I think he had just taken some medication that makes him pretty drowsy and according to his friends, it took him about 20 minutes to get through that piece of pizza  ;)  Good news is - he's off the meds and has started going back to work AND bus driving - today, which he has been dying to get back to :)

I wasn't going to say anything but yes...we are heartbroken over last night's game.    Good luck with the rest of your brackets! Pin It


  1. Oh my goodness! That looks like a really hard surgery to recover from! I hope he is back to normal soon. And I LOVE that you are watching 2 games at once :)

  2. What a good summary of the last couple weeks. That picture of Devin with eyes shut, pizza in hand is quite a story by itself! So funny. Thanks again for coping through the end of block classes, surgery, bus driving, work, chauffeuring Devin to and from work and therapy, etc.... So glad to hear he's off crutches!! We loved seeing you both during our springbreak. Love you!

  3. Awesome pics. Did you or a nurse draw a mustache on dev in that first pic? That would be hilarious if you did. And yes, dev requires a lot of tender love and care whenever sick or afflicted. Good thing he's got you cause none of us would have been so nice. Love you guys!! Hope to see you next weekend.

  4. Haha! I wish it had been a fake mustache but no, that's the real deal right there. I guess having to get your leg shaved means you can compensate on your face. (If only I had been clever enough to draw one, though, while he was conked out! hehe) Thanks so much, See you soon!