March 7, 2011

Did We Mention...

BUS DRIVING?? Yes, that is right.  Devin and I are going on a summer excursion to Juneau, Alaska!
As you can see, there is a cruise ship at that dock.  We will be working for Holland-America Princess cruise lines as their tour bus driver/guides.  We will pick people up from these docks and give them scenic tours of Juneau! 

Simply breathtaking! This is called the Mendenhall Glacier: one of the stops on the tour we'll be giving people.  Although it won't be a warm summer, we can't wait to see this beautiful part of the country and be an influential part of other people's experience that they have been saving up for and looking forward to for so long.  Great pay, we get to do all the fun stuff that the guests will experience - such as helicopter rides, gold digging, haha - and and we'll walk away with CDL licences!
Right now we are training for our CDL license to drive one of these big mamas.  We've been just doing some skills course stuff like parallel parking, slolemn driving and backing in a parking lot with cones.  However, like I said - we get to go on the real roads this month! we come!

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  1. You guys are SO AWESOME. What a cool summer job! We've always wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska!

  2. DO IT! This summer! haha, jk I know you're a little busy with what, 3 adorable little girls?? I love seeing how big they're getting!

  3. Claire, the pedestal I have you on just keeps getting higher, and higher, and..... You've had such a busy semester with a full class schedule, work, plus the tour bus training! You are amazing as well as...... brave. I can't even imagine trying to parallel park one of those buses. What a great summer to look forward to. I love the pictures; what a beautiful place to go! Love you and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

  4. Aw, thank you. Except the whole parallel parking thing is what I'm having the most trouble with right now! haha but it will be SO nice to hang out with you guys...and 2 of my classes will be over by the time you get here so...HOORAY! :)