February 24, 2011

Utah Photographer Mark Johnston

Here is Devin's recent discovery:  Mark Johnston photography, check out THIS (CLICK HERE) post to see some basketball glory. 

This guy has some ability to capture the most intense emotions and portrayal of basketball at it's best.   
Our favorite things about him:
1. He drinks fresca
2. He found Lamont Morgan Jr. in the stands (my old-time favorite)
3.  Emery looking like superman in #12, the CSU player's drool in #10, and  #6 - not only is Davies a baller, but the old man in the right corner is  adorable :)

I continued to look at some of this guy's older posts and THIS (CLICK HERE) caught my eye.  These kids' expressions are priceless!

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  1. So...I love fresca and I used to feel guilty about drinking it and then I found out there were 0 calories and I had a heyday.

  2. haha yeah! BTW this is Claire, not Devin, I think his account is logged in right bow. Anyway, that's why I love it too! I saw one time that your explanation for not drinking soda was that you'd rather eat your calories than drink them...which were the exact words that I had been looking for to explain to Devin why I don't like soda. haha anyway, Fresca is my exception.