February 21, 2011

Did the groundhog see his shadow?

Indeed he did not...which means we are counting on an early spring!  I don't want any of this couple-inches- of-snow-every-week-business in March.  Surprisingly, we've kept ourselves busy and actually found activities to do outside to take advantage of such frigid temperatures. 
First of all, let me just say that Winter semester has hardly ANY holidays to give us a day off so when Martin Luther King Jr. Day came, there was no way that we'd be sitting at home all day.  We really had to think pretty hard of something to do and I believe we could not have been more successful.
25 arcade tokens - $5
10 more arcade tokens - free with a "deal text"
There are too many things to label "priceless", so let me just tell you our experience:
-We found the game that will give us 10 tickets every time
- A ski ball game wasn't working so we got a worker who happened to be quite large.  Too large to fit his arm up the shoot where the balls come down so I did and not only did we get the tickets from everyone who tried playing it while it was broken, but he gave me a huge stack of tickets that he was holding!
-We became masters at ski ball
-With all our tickets, we got a huge, red, fuzzy, floppy hat, some tootsie rolls, and an indian action figure :)
Then we met up with Devin's mission companions at Cheesecake Factory and talked about taking a cruise to the Carribbean (where he served) before we have to settle down.  *crossing our fingers* :)

There's a guy up in Midway, UT that has been building these ice castles since the beginning of January (I think).  He has these pipes that spray water out over the tops of the castles.  At night, or when it's freezing, he turns them on and slowly they build up into these masterpieces!  It was quite the sight to see...
Midway happens to be quite the place to be for winter activities.  We also mooched off of my old ward who went up to Soldiers Hollow, a place to go tube sledding. 
You can kind of see the slope behind us.    
The best part was the pulley that takes you to the top of the slope when you reach the bottom...no hiking to the top!  Behind me is my old roommate April, who got us in :)  THANKS!

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