February 11, 2011

Still here...

I think the discovery of new blogs that I just can't go a day without looking at has consumed any time available to write on our own!  Here are some of the newest obsessions that have provided our Sunday and Monday dinners, since those are now about the only nights of the week that I have available to cook, no thanks to three night classes.

Favorite recipes from here: whole wheat buttermilk pancakes, black bean soup, tortellini and sausage soup, sweet potato fries and on the menu is: asian bbq chicken pizza, chicken cacciatore, and overnight cinnamon rolls :)

Favorite recipes from here: game day buffalo chicken dip, Zuppa Toscana (Olive Garden) soup, breadsticks (breadtwists from Pizza Factory), and orange chicken
On the menu: chicken pot pie crumble, cafe rio anything (she has a recipe for EVERYTHING from there)

She is where I get pretty much any sewing idea...she is now adding a "kids in the kitchen" series with the help of the authors of the first blog I mentioned and the most intriguing thing that I have to try is "ice cream" made from 100% banana, no dairy!  Don't believe me? Check it out HERE.

Suggested by friends:
melskitchencafe.com - I want to try the bourbon chicken.
thepioneerwoman.com - this woman does a lot of things so you have to click on "cooking".  I just recently saw her post "pork spareribs and sauerkraut" (what?!), yes. I grew up with this and love it and am dying to make it. 
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  1. I love all those blogs, especially OBB!! Did you know they have a cookbook coming out soon? Almost every dinner I make comes from their blog!

  2. Oh I'm so intrigued! I'll have to check these out, I'm in a major cooking slump. So sick of all the stuff I make and so lazy I don't want to try anything new. Something's got to give. Can't wait for your visit in April!!! Miss you!

  3. Yummmmm....thanks for sharing the sites. I am especially interested in the olive garden soup. That's my favorite from their restaurant!
    So glad you posted :)
    Love you and hope to see you next week!
    Happy Valentines!!