January 9, 2011

The year in review...

Of course we need some kind of New Year's post.  And why not?  This has been an extremely eventful year:
Devin took me snowboarding for the first time
we celebrated my grandma's 95th birthday!


We went to the Jane Austen preference "ball".   And, I got accepted to the Early Childhood Education program at BYU :)
We took Moab trip #1, so I could run my half marathon!

April (what didn't happen in April?)
Devin turned 25!
To celebrate, we went to the Hubble Space Craft 3D movie in Salt Lake, went bowling for the first time together,
and reminisced our first date of frozen yogurt...where Devin asked me to marry him!
He got a fiance for his birthday :) 
(Sorry, Devin things he looks rediculous in this picture, but if being excited makes you look rediculous, then it has to stay)
Later that month...
Devin graduated from BYU in Communications!  This also meant he had to say goodbye to working at the Student Activities Board with me. :(

Devin hopped on a plane to come visit me in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, to make the 8 weeks of being apart not so hard.  
I took Devin to the beach (above), Rita's Water Ice...
Gave him his first exposure to the Amish...
 and to Philly (below) where we got our first parking ticket :(

Devin took a trip to France with his dad on business as his translator.
This is Devin at La Seine (above) and at the palace of King Louis XVI (below)

I finally joined him in the West and experienced my first time at the Snake River where his family often goes boating in the summer.
He hurt his knee, which became something to be careful of throughout the remainder of the year.
But thankfully, he was able to ride the banana boat :)

We spent about an entire week painting and fixing up our new apartment so that it'd be ready to come home to after our wedding.
Before and mid kitchen pictures
After of our room

We got married in the Bountiful Temple on August 14!
Then we took off on our honeymoon to Cocoa Beach, FL
and Disney World!

I started my first semester of the Early Childhood Education Program survived hiking Mt Timpanogas, which was actually Devin's 3rd and best time hiking it!
Since September we've been pretty good at blogging, so there's probably not any pictures you haven't seen, but in October we celebrated my 21st birthday, which is when we fell in love with Mimi's Cafe :)  For Halloween, we watched Arachnaphobia with our neighbors who share the same basement...we thought it would help us get over our fear of the spiders in our apartment. 

In November we did a lot of camping and became experts at tin foil dinners, not to mention our second trip of the year to Moab!  We also spent Thanksgiving in Denver, CO which was perfect timing because we were in dire need of getting out of Provo for a little bit.  Great time with family, great vacation!

December we took advantage of the small amount of space we had to decorate and how close we are to Salt Lake City to see the lights at temple square.  We also went to the Christmas Carol service at the Cathedral of the Madeleine.  This video is of a song that Devin and I loved, except we heard it being sung by a choir mostly full of young children and it was so angelic, not to mention the amazing acoustics of the cathedral.  We will hopefully be going back there again next year. 

We had a great Christmas in Idaho with Devin's family, having dinner and reinacting the Christmas story with cousins on Christmas Eve, presents :), sewing with the girls, going shooting, playing Wacky 6's, boggle, bananagrams, etc. and just spending time with family and NOT worrying about school/work. 

Our favorite movies of 2010:
Toy Story 3, Inception, Date Night, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Salt

 Not a whole lot more to tell except that we have grown to love our new ward, Devin continually got monthly bonuses for top performance at work and was made "room" leader with a pay raise.  I got straight A's fall semester and we only expect things to get better :)

We discovered that Devin, although he is not a student, can use BYU facilities for free, since he is my spouse.  So, as part of a New Year's resolution to be more active, we are excited to go to the gym and play tennis together on a regular basis! 


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  1. Whatta year! Lets do more in '11!

  2. I am so down :) miss you guys!

  3. Claire I love your posts--you are a natural blogger ha ha! That Morten Lauridsen song is amazing. What a fun 2010. Can't wait to see you guys again,