January 6, 2011

Free time...

Christmas break always surprises me with the amount of free time it provides so....since I'm not used to that, and I have a sewing machine that was untouched, here's what I did to fill my time!  (Some of this was started/done a little before break)

Christmas Stockings

I got the scrappy-look idea, inside batting tip, and pattern from THIS blogpost of my wonderful friend, Stefanie, who actually got me to start a blog ;)  As well as the more technical part of putting the stocking together from here.

 Christmas Gift #1 - Apron

This cute reversible apron was for my sister-in-law for the Harper sibling gift exchange.  She loves to cook, so I thought this would be perfect and I had a friend who knows way more than I do about sewing help me out, couldn't have done it without her!

Christmas Present #2 - Knit Scarf
This was actually part of Devin's present to his sister for the gift exchange.  He needed some ideas (because it had to me homemade) so I immediately went to the site http://www.makeit-loveit.com/ and found this project.  It's a knit scarf and we didn't use this green color (although I would die to have this one), we used more of a light blue but it turned out pretty well and I even got Devin to sew some of it! :)

Sisters' project #1 - Purse of my dreams :)

The Harper girls spent almost all of one day during the break making these adorable bags that Talane showed us how to make, after we took a visit to the cutest fabric store I've ever seen.  It was a good bonding time and we learned how well each other were taught to share. ha ;)

The reason I say purse of my dreams is because of the pockets.  I have a spot for EVERYTHING!  Which can actually be a problem...because now it takes just as long to look in every pocket til I find the right one ;)

Sisters' project #2 - Snap bags

Talane made this one for me, I'm in love with the pattern.  These are so handy to have in a big purse or for what/where ever.  The top of it has two pieces of tape measure, so they open easy and then snap close again.  GENIOUS!  Talane taught us how to make those as well...I haven't gotten around to mine yet, but I do have my fabric, can't wait :)

I think I have put my sewing machine to the test in the past month, having used 3 different colored threads, 3 different types of fabrics, and breaking one needle already.  It has made me proud :)

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  1. Everything is so cute! I want to make one of those snap bags, you'll have to show me how sometime. You sure did put that sowing machine to the test!

  2. Yay such good memories! I think your purse/bag turned out so cute. And stockings. Way to go! I think we should do homemade gifts again next year.

  3. I never knew you were such a seamstress! I love your projects. I would love to know how to make one of those snap bags; are there instructions available to be shared?

  4. Wait, who is the second Laura? I'll definitely share the instructions with you!