December 19, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Well, with it being less than a week away, it BETTER start to look like Christmas :) 
Here are some things we've done to make our little home a little more festive:

We got a tree from an orchard in Provo for a reasonable price after doing some haggling...which Devin is really good at, haha.  Anyway, it's small but we thought it was perfect for our fist one :) 
The place we got it from even gave us a free bundle of twigs for....
My mom also sent us our first nativity set...what a good reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.
Adding our gingerbread house, wrapped presents under the tree, Christmas cards from some family and friends, and a christmas stocking to the previously mentioned decor, (and a slightly messy table) here is the most festive part of our house:
Don't worry, we don't really eat plain noodles and toast for dinner.  That was just before Devin added the hearty elk meat spaghetti sauce, with a big thanks to our friends for sharing their hunting was actually really yummy!
(I say actually because I was skeptical of the elk, not of Devin's cooking)

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