October 31, 2010

What we've been up to!

Well, this is all very long overdue but here is what we've been up to the past couple months, starting with most recent:
Devin and I were a black and white TV for Halloween :)  We had a ward party where we got to give candy to some kids in the ward who were doing their first trick-or-treating and then we did a photo scavenger hunt to find spooky, halloween-y things. 

 (Instead of calling herself a princess, she calls herself a vitamin because she has princess vitamins, haha)
Here are two examples of our scavenger hunt:  getting a stranger to let you wrap them in toilet paper, and...
 something that is supposed to be scary that isn't.  I think my costume qualified for "something that isn't supposed to be scary but IS"
We also loved the little laterns that Marissa made and decided to make use of our own old mason jars:
I love Halloween, there were just so many things to do that we didn't quite get to but going to a haunted house was on our list and we happened to find one in Provo for $1 - a house of 6 guys transformed their house into a spookhouse with lots of people on duty for the scare and they were fantastic! Well worth a buck, even Devin got really spooked in one part where they had Sumara from The Ring walking creepily toward us!
I got to celebrate my birthday a little early when Devin's family came down and visited the weekend before Halloween.  They drove us up the Alpine Loop and good thing we did because there was snow up there just a couple days later and I'm sure all the beautiful colors dissappeared.
 Check out those sweet vegetables!! (above)
 Thank you to all the Harpers who contributed to this awesome list :)  Made my day!
 Devin's made me German pancakes for breakfast on my birthday even though he had to be at work at 8am!
 He got me the Harry Potter 6 dvd set, just in time to watch before the 7th comes out, and Elf, which he gave me when his parents came and said I couldn't watch it until it at least snowed because it's a Christmas movie...and then in snowed on my birthday so of course that was my first request :) He also got me a hiking pack so we can go on some fun trips together.  Big thanks to the Harpers for coming to spend time and celebrate with us!  I'm so excited to bring back the rusty sewing skills and put them to work! :)
 Devin knows how much I love pumpkin, so he busted out a birthday pumpkin pie while I was at my night class!  He's a great cook :) 

Earlier in the month we decided to make some caramel apples and take them up the canyon to eat and enjoy the pretty fall colors. 
 Sadly I let the caramel melt too long and they were hard as a rock but it was still a sweet treat and the scenery was beautiful.

Well, as you all know, BYU hasn't been doing so hot this year but we are still faithful and have enjoyed having some great seats at the games!  Hopefully they'll only get better from here...

Hiking seemed to be the thing to do in September.  We took a hike up to Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon and then made a trip to the Utah State Fair where we saw lots of rednecks, a cow statue made of butter, and a sea lion show!
P.S. Snickers is our favorite hiking snack hands down.

 We also got to hike Mt. Timpanogos the first weekend in September with a bunch of Devin's friends.  We started at 11:00 p.m. and finally got to the top at about 6:45, just in time for sunrise.  Of course, we stopped at a little shelter on the way up for about 2 hours and tried to sleep but it was so cold.  The sunrise was completely worth it - I realized what compelled Devin to hike such a thing for a 3rd time. 

"We're goin' to the temple and we're gunna get ma-a-arried..."
We got married on Saturday, August 14th in the Bountiful UT temple.  Beautiful weather, wonderful company, great day :)  Here are some of our favorite photographs, perhaps with more to come - taken by Devin's wonderful sister.  http://www.photographybymarissa.com/

Then we took our honeymoon travels to Cocoa Beach, FL and Disney World!!

                                    We went to Ron Jon's Surf Shop and got paddle ball, so fun!

 Devin and I enjoyed some king crab from the "Lobster Shanty" where we ate out on this beach dock with a beautiful view
This grocery store gave us everything we needed, including a good laugh when we drove by and Devin thought it was called something else...
       Mini golf where we got eaten alive by mosquitos, but it's okay because mini golf on the coast is the best!

Complimentary breakfast...with Goofy!

                                          Only rained once...thank goodness for the ponchos :)
                                                                THIS was awesome

Tree of Life
                We just happened to be taking this right when they were finishing a stage show at the castle :)

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  1. Love all of the pictures!

    I especially love the long list you got for your birthday and I especially especially love the wedding pictures.

  2. Oh what a fun update!!! I think you have my vote for most creative Halloween costume!! So fun!
    I loved looking at all the pictures from the last couple months....such good, happy memories.
    We so much enjoyed our weekend with you! Love you, Love you

  3. Ooh my gosh I laughed out loud at the Devin & mickey mouse picture. You guys' costumes are great! Way to go! Your place looks darling, too. So glad you're having a good fall!