January 5, 2017

Food and Fun in Wildwood

About time this draft turned into a post....no more waiting for pics from my phone. Sorry!

The motel we stayed at growing up was kiddy corner to Russo's and we'd always get Entenmann's danish pastries for breakfast there and their hoagies are YUM. So, even though we weren't staying anywhere close to there we still had to grab some hoagies for lunch.

Would I wait an hour and a half with kids for Mack's Pizza again? Probably not, but I would call ahead with our order next time, because it was still amazing and one giant pizza fed us all. I don't know if it was because we were all so hungry or what but that foldy-gooey-brown top cheesy pizza was heaven that night at the boardwalk!

The sights and sounds at the boardwalk are really just something I haven't experienced anywhere else. You hear "Watch the tram-car please" about every 5 minutes and I'm always amazed that I've never heard of any accidents there with those tram cars driving right through crowds of people. Parts of the boardwalk lead right down to the beach, where I let Owen play and chase seagulls while we waited for our pizza. The cotton candy sky matched with the rides lighting up at dusk, talk about perfect summer night.

We got in line to buy a couple tickets for a ride that Ava wanted to go on and this angel person in front of me turned around and gave me a pass for a free wristband that they wouldn't be using. It let Ava ride on tons of stuff for free and she couldn't have been happier! Owen, however, was pretty done with all the stroller-ing and sad that he couldn't go on all the rides Ava was going on.

Friday night fireworks were the perfect ending to the night! Pin It

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  1. Oh Owen and Ava's pictures couldn't be anymore opposites. Ava is so happy and cute and Owen in soooo sad! Poor kid. Great pictures though! Looks so fun. Perfect summer night!