September 11, 2016

Beach Days at Wildwood

We spent the beginning of August at the Jersey shore with my family. We spent two great days on the beach in Wildwood, NJ with highs in the 80s. Despite it being the "busy season", we always had plenty of space around us for the kids to enjoy the sand.

Owen couldn't get enough of the seagulls, chased every one he saw! Grandma was so fun to go down to the water with the kids and splash around. I didn't think Owen would like the waves splashing in his face but he was such a little fish!

The waves weren't very big the first day so we played in the sand and ate most of the day. The second day had some better waves that came at a better pace so even my mom came out and boogie boarded with me, it was so fun! We also played with our paddle boards and ate lots of yummy food.

We had one day that was pretty windy so after having a couple umbrellas blow away we decided to go without. I love seeing all the different kind of umbrellas people have and some people are really smart and raise flags up from their spot so their kids can find them :)

It's really just so nice to set up chairs and not have a schedule, just what the beach is perfect for. Pin It

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  1. I love seeing pictures of your beach trip with your family and hiking trip with Devin! So beautiful. Hope you guys are doing well, Love,