July 17, 2016

Bear Lake Family Time

Getting kids home and bathed and all of us fed after days at the beach was always kind of crazy but there was still a little time for fun before bed. The first night after the beach Marissa had a pinata for everyone which is always fun to watch but I didn't get pictures because I had to keep Owen away from the bat at all times haha - needless to say, the kids went to bed a little later that night due to all the candy and fun ;) But the next night we did bubbles in the yard which was a total hit too!

Even the dads got in on the fun :) Owen is looking so much older in this bottom picture to me and he sure loves his big cousin Ike!

After the kids went to bed the adults got to have the famous raspberry shakes - which Devin and I have determined that Quick and Tasty was better than Zips or Bear Lake Pizza Co but we never did get to go to Le Beau's this time, so we'll have to try again next year, or just convince his dad to make his own because his are better than all of them ;)

Wednesday night we played the whisper challenge game where someone puts on headphones with loud music playing so they can't hear and they have to read our lips to guess what phrase we're saying. Each of us takes a turn saying the phrase and they have to repeat what they think it is after every person - so funny! The person with headphones on was always SO loud or talking really funny. Some of our funnier ones:
"World's greatest farter" - strings and forks
"Born in Pennsylvania" -  Portland?
"I don't want it to suffer" - I don't want kids ever
"Shari does the dew" - "Shari doesn't like you? Shari does like me!"
And when Heather was the guesser and the phrase was "These pretzels are making me thirsty" she just started dying laughing because she knew what it was and the Seinfeld reference had her in tears.

The last night Laura had these posters with ancestor pictures on it and she had some really cool stories from their life that she read and each couple had to take turns guessing which ancestor went with that story. I was impressed with how many Devin and his siblings knew and it was really inspiring to keep reading and learning more about my own. Of course it was even more fun to get Neil's famous prizes after each one. You never knew if you were going to get a gift card or some handy device/gadget from his "stash" aka closet :) always a good surprise though!

Dinner/breakfasts were rotated between families for who was in charge but planning for 25 people usually leaves quite a bit of leftovers so Friday morning before check out was kind of a free-for-all/clean out the fridge. How cute are these two girls enjoying their last breakfast together on the deck? I have always thought Rose reminds me of Ava but wow, especially in this picture.

Kind of a random assortment of pictures that weren't beach related but that I still wanted to document because it's amazing how fast these kids grow up and the things we forget but there was so much effort to make it happen and it really does go by so fast! Pin It

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