July 11, 2016

Bear Lake 2016

Man, did our stay go by fast! Tuesday night through Friday morning with two beach days in between. Our first day was overcast for most of the morning (which made for great pictures!) and then kinda windy in the afternoon, but Thursday was beautiful!

We didn't bring the canoe this year but Devin brought his inflatable kayak which still made for an easy way to get out and see the clear blue water. The second day of "beaching" they rented a jet ski which was so fun! Devin always takes me for a wild ride :)

Getting all sweet with Grandma and Grandpa to get some of that delicious popcorn!

These boys were too funny. Mitt always had some kind of car or truck or plane in his hand. Can't wait for Flinn to join the diggers next year! 

Every day at the beach started off with the dads digging out a trench for water to fill in while sandcastles were made. Aren't Devin's steps so cool? Ava got little seashells and told me they were her "carrot seeds" which she planted, along with "flowers" at the base of the castle. Here she is "watering them" :)

One of the funniest things all week - Devin caught a nasty Carp on his fishing pole (which Ava got to reel in!) and it got away as they were reeling it but Greg was able to find it and grab it with his bare hands. The kids thought it was soo freaky and Ike sure got the giggles pretending to give it a kiss ;)

It's really not until we get out on the boat in the middle of the lake that you can see just how turquoise that water really is. And I can't believe all these cousins are getting old enough to start knee boarding and surfing, they're so awesome!

With 8 of the cousins being 4 and under, it truly felt like a magical place where no one fights. Pure joy with all this sand, water, snacks, toys, and instant friends

Not pictured from beach days: boys playing with the little tractor toys from Grandpa, "feats of strength" between Garrett and Greg, Grandpa taking people on ride after ride on the boat/tube, playing Kubb and kanjam, babies sleeping in pack n plays in the back of the vans, izze drinks Pin It

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  1. Welcome back to the blogging world. We've missed you. haha

    These pictures are amazing!! Especially that top group shot!