October 30, 2015

Scenic Pennsylvania Drives

It's cold and drizzly here in Idaho today and all I can think about are the magnificent scenic drives through Pennsylvania last week. There is beauty all around!

The picture above is a golf course located right behind a big neighborhood...oh to have a house right there with that view! Sometimes when I am driving 5 minutes to church here in ID I think about how LONG it took to drive to church when I lived in PA (15 minutes, haha). But then when I'm there I remember how beautiful that drive is, which makes the distance no big deal!

This picture below was taken from the edge of my church parking lot. Can you believe the rolling hills in the distance? Our building is tucked back in this beautiful little section of Chester County near West Chester. West Chester is my dream place to live.

This is seriously what a normal drive through Southeast Pennsylvania looks like, almost everywhere! And New Jersey too, apparantly, because this was on my way to my cousin's house where they threw me such a sweet little birthday party!  (more trip highlights later!)

Leaves, leaves, everywhere! Stopped for a little photo shoot of the kids off the side of this road because how gorgeous is this fence and tree line?

Again, sorry you have to bear with my manual focusing (broken autofocus)...but I'm so glad I have these pictures to remember this place by. Lucky for me, this beauty is right here in our very own Boise, and the trees are still turning colors so I'm not too deprived!

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  1. Claire! These pictures make me smile, this world is so pretty! And the two of Ava and Owen! I want to frame them and put them in my house! :) Miss you all already!!! xoxoxo