August 26, 2015

Owen James turns ONE

We got to do a little celebration the weekend before he turned one when Grandma and Grandpa Harper came to visit. He got spoiled with fun books, wooden cars, bath toys, and lots of love!

Then we had to celebrate on his actual birthday too, of course! So Ava surprised him with some new balls and we took him to his favorite place on earth - sand and water!

We took the boat out to Lucky Peak for the afternoon and Owen just dug and ate dug a ton of sand and Ava swam to her heart's content with daddy.

Owen wasn't really sad or happy on the boat, just just "yelled" the whole time to the tune of the boat's motor, it was too funny.

He's such a little go getter these days and I'm excited to see him grow and play next summer as a full grown boy! Mostly I just predict all the trouble he and Ava are going to get into in the coming years together. Pin It

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