June 21, 2015

Jump Creek Falls 2015

Last Saturday we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and drove out to Marsing, ID to hike to Jump Creek Falls. Our friends the Ashbys and the Stokers came with us, we were even able to fit the Ashbys in our van with us (pictured below, behind Race and Emma!) - making 4 adults and 4 carseats and we didn't even feel super squished. Anyway, it was only about a 15 min hike, perfect for all the little girls :)

It was a pretty popular day, we couldn't grab a sunny spot for the kids to play in the sand but they braved the cold water pretty well and had fun splashing around.

How cute are these little polka-dot bums? And Devin made sure I got a pic of him with these springer spaniels for the sake of his family's first dog, Dodger!

This hike is too perfect and pretty not to do every year! Pin It

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love that family picture with the falls behind you. Ava looks so cute.