August 8, 2014

Morning at the Zoo!

I was planning on taking Ava to the zoo this week since she is obsessed with animals and we haven't been since she was too little to even know.  It worked out perfectly that Devin's mom has been here this week and was able to come with!

Feeding the goats was obviously a hit, Ava had no apprehension in sticking her fingers right up to their mouths.  Right after we went into the butterfly house - SUCH a cool exhibit the Boise Zoo has!  You walk in this greenhouse and there are just butterflies flying and landing all around (and on) you! They have fruit out on plates in various places and beautiful flowers everywhere too. 

It was so fun for Ava to finally see animals in real life that she's only seen in books and videos.  She didn't get as excited with oohs and ahs as I thought she would.  For example, our first stop was the monkeys and there was a monkey right up at the fenced wall, sitting eating a corn on the cob.  She just locked her eyes on him, smiled, and kept saying "food".  I think she has just familiarized herself with animals so much that they were as real and fun to watch as she expected they'd be!
    I'm glad I didn't have to take her alone either - she actually did really well to sit in her stroller most of the time but it was still nice to have another non-pregnant, able bodied pair of arms to lift her up and see things - thanks for joining us, Laura! Pin It

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