July 26, 2014

Family Reunion 2014

DAY 2 
Morning Scavenger Hunt/Backyard Fun

Devin playing favorite uncle - pushing swings, being pitcher, taking kids on motorcycle rides, etc.

Ava was a crack up covered in sand, even coming out her nose! This sandy area across from the dock was a perfect place to set up and let the kids play while people took turns going out on the boat.  AND the jet skis that they rented for the day - such a great idea! All the guys took turns on the stand up one, but I think Marissa schooled them all :)

^^Umm...have you guys tried this stuff from Costco? ADDICTING. So glad Laura stocked up 3 bags of it for the weekend!

Morning Carnival Games/Water Balloons/Pinata

^^Heather kicked off the carnival with a fishing game that had fun prizes! Ava and Wynn carried their little baby bottles around all day :)

Our game was a race track that Devin built out of some piping from Home Depot.  I think kids were playing with it all day long, thanks to the large stash of cars that Neil and Laura have. 

Marissa did some really cute t-shirt painting with the kids and her pinata was tough! All the kids got to try twice and then we let Ike give it some good whacks - the other kids would scream and laugh every time he hit it because it would make such a loud cracking sound and he was really giving it his all! 

I don't have pics of this but Devin and David filled up tons of water balloons that we used to play water balloon volleyball.  Even Lily and Ivy were a great team and got it over the net every time!  So much planning went into this weekend and we couldn't be more grateful for the time we had to spend with everyone and how gracious Devin's parents are to all of us.  Thanks for a great time, everyone!

Some things not pictured:
-Neil and Laura watching the kids all Thursday afternoon while the girls went to lunch and worked on projects at Marissa's - THANK YOU!
-The kids waking up and being in swimsuits every morning by 8 am (most of them awake by 7 am and running upstairs to wake up grandma and grandpa)
-All the boys diving off the dock with goggles to look for truck keys that were dropped in the river (never found)
-The YUMMY smoked turkey that Devin made for our dinner rotation. Best thing we've made in our smoker so far. 
-A fun game of Family Feud that Marissa put together. Resulted in naming Heather the worst driver in the family, Devin most likely to try and get out of doing chores, talking about crazy neighbors with weird collections, and recalling all kinds of childhood memories.  Talane and I are always in awe of how different these kids' lives were and all their crazy stories of growing up in small town Idaho. It sure made them hard workers though and it shows in their character and love for one another.

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