July 12, 2014

Lakeside Lavender Farm

Nampa, ID has a beautiful lavender field tucked back away in the middle of basically no where. They open it to the public for picking and picture taking from 12-4 for one week in July.  The people who own it are selling the farm, so there's a chance it might not be here next year - I'm so glad we found out about it!

   We seriously weren't there more than 20 minutes because it was soooooo hot and Ava was more interested in running barefoot in the shade than picking flowers.  But Emma and I couldn't pass up the most beautiful scenery for some little girl pics. These girls did pretty well considering!

As much lavender as you can fit in a twist tie for $6 - now to get started on what to do with it all! Pin It


  1. I didn't know they were selling the farm! How sad! It makes me really want to go back again. Haha. And your pictures turned out beautiful! I forgot to even take any of the lavender I got! Haha.

  2. What a find!! That looks like a great day, but very hot!!

  3. That's so cool that they opened it up for family pictures! You're so good at finding fun opportunities like this.

  4. I love these pictures, Claire! Beautiful!!! This field looks amazing!!!