July 7, 2014

4th of July

Race and Emma came to Declo with us to celebrate the 4th of July with Devin's family! We started the day at the Rupert Parade.

     The horses and candy were a hit with the little girls! I thought it was funny what a big part the Mexicans played in the parade, being a celebration of America and all, but they were actually one of my favorite parts with their ornate outfits, horses and LEGIT mariachi music.

     These girls were so cute sharing candy, clapping for the people going by, and Holland waving to the pretty girls on floats :)  Ava got pretty freaked out by some of the weird car horns and "woop woop" sirens but she survived.  And we were SO glad to have had tents/umbrellas for shade!

That evening we headed to the Snake River for a pizza picnic before heading out on the water.

It was a beautiful, perfect night for going out on the water! We ended up watching Burley's fireworks from the boat which was such a neat experience - being so close and just floating beneath.  Ava was pretty freaked out by the fireworks at first.  Once we started calling them sparkly and "pop pop" like bubbles, she calmed down a little but if she heard the noise and wasn't looking in the direction of the firework it really scared her.  Luckily she falls asleep on boats and she slept through most of the entire show :) Pin It


  1. That is so funny that Ava falls asleep on boats! And so fun that Race and Emma were able to come with you guys! I love that last picture, with the sunset. So pretty!

  2. The silhouette picture is so fun! And we had such a great time! Thanks so much for having us!! We might just have to spend more holidays with you all! ;)