September 26, 2013

Ava 10 months

Can you tell Ava is very mobile now and taking a little bit shorter naps by the way I am doing blog catch up?

At 10 months Ava:
-tried black beans and loves them, but they always come out whole in her diaper so I can't tell if they're doing anything for her
-is liking pureed foods fed by spoon less and less.  Just wants things she can pick up herself which means I have to get creative at lunch time especially. 
- has a pretty callused right knee and top of her right foot from her funny way of crawling. not to mention our darn rough carpet
-stands up on EVERYTHING aka. falls down about 20 times a day. She's learning her lessons
-loves dancing with mom.  I hold her and bounce her arms which gets her smiling and now she starts moving voluntarily when music comes on
-"waves" - sticks her arm toward you and flaps her hand up and down or spreads and closes her fingers.  But she does it at completely random times and definitely won't do it on command.
- takes two one-hour naps a day with an occasional early evening snooze in the car if we're out
-has enough hair to put up in a little pony tail on top of her head
-loves animals, especially now that she can move around just like them
-feels the need to empty any receptacle that has things in it. Namely: baskets of blankets, her drawers, laundry basket, dryer, book basket, shoe basket, toy basket...  She is very helpful at standing at the dryer and getting things out for me but extremely NOT helpful at trying to take out the folded clothes that I've put in the laundry basket.
-likes to grab our faces, and loves touching my eyelashes

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  1. She is the cutest! I love reading your posts and seeing how big she is getting! :)