April 5, 2013

Easter Festivities

 The time we took a 4 month old, a 15 month old, a 3 year old, and a 4 year old out to the Lava Flows.  It was fun to see how Devin's truck could handle the dirt road out there!  If it hadn't been so windy, it would have been fantastic!  Neil was so nice to build us a fire to roast hot dogs on :)

 Saturday Easter Egg Hunt

 Checking out their stash :)

 Ava had a blast chillin in the stroller, which was the first time we used it because it's the first time we've been in nice weather! She was watching cousin Lily jump on the trampoline and thought it was so funny! She also cracked up any time Talane talked to her.
Be back soon!

We came back to Boise for church on Sunday because Devin was playing the organ and our choir was doing an Easter program.  Later that evening, we got together with some friends at a park for a picnic!
 Me and Emma with our babies :)

 Madison and Tuck have a bit of a love/hate relationship.  But it's so cute!

 Easter was such a lovely day to think about how lucky we are to know that all will be resurrected and what a glorious thing new life is, thanks to Jesus Christ.  I am looking forward to this weekend where we get to hear from our Prophet, Thomas S Monson and the Twelve Apostles in General Conference.  How lucky we are to have a prophet on the earth today who has a closeness with God like none of us do.  That he and those with the right authority can teach us by the spirit that we might learn what Heavenly Father would have us learn and do.  This time of year can get kind of busy with activities, so I am excited to have a weekend to just relax and soak it all in.   If you're interested in what this is all about, tune in on BYU-TV (if you have cable) or go here to watch online: gc.lds.org

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