April 19, 2013

Ava - 5 months old

I won't get ahead of ourselves, but I really can't believe Ava is almost 6 months old! I love this stage she is in, she's such a doll!  So incredibly smiley, will go to anyone, gets overjoyed at the sight of herself in the mirror, and babbles away - often I can hear her while we're in the car or while I'm changing her diaper.

SLEEP:  Still taking 2 naps during the day while Devin is at work, each is usually about an hour - hour and a half long.  She's going to sleep a little earlier at night...usually between 9:15 and 10:15 but the past couple nights she has been waking up at 5 am to eat and then again at 8 am.  I know I've been spoiled this whole time with a baby who slept from 10:30 - 8:30 straight, but the past few days of waking up to feed her have been rough! Props to all you mamas who know what I'm talking about!

DEVELOPMENT:  I wish a tooth would get here already! She's been "teething", it seems like for at least a month! I finally gave in and got some teething tablets because she was really fussy about it a couple weekends ago.  She's a good little grabber! I went into her room when she was napping the other day and was surprised to see that she had found her binky in her sleep and put it in her mouth all by herself (well, she was trying to put it in, but it was backwards haha) because she had fallen asleep without it.  I've been kind of anxious for her to start sitting up on her own. I can sit her down and she'll keep her balance okay, but it's not very long before she's toppling sideways or almost bending forward in half.  Our friends are letting us borrow their bumbo and she loves it, so hopefully that helps!

 Some other random things - I've been laying her on my bed in the mornings and reading a couple books to her.  Her favorite is "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed".  When I hold the book up in front of her she starts waving her arms and kicking her legs - she loves story time!  She also loves to feel the pages and I let her "turn them". 
   She got diagnosed with pink eye and an ear infection on Monday.  The doctor prescribed eye drops and Amoxicillin for the ear.  Lots of her clothes now have bright pink stains on them because she kept spitting out the medicine.  It tastes like bubblegum/strawberry and she still hates it, as well as having anything dispersing liquid in her mouth (like a bottle).  The first 3 days or so were hard - we found out we couldn't do it with her laying flat on her back because she letting it pool in the back of her mouth/throat and choking on it - sheesh.  We also learned to have a rag close by and that blowing on a baby's face makes them swallow.  It's amazing.
   I've gotten it down now where I can get almost all of it in her without her getting mad once!  I put her in her bouncer so she's a little upright, turn on a movie, and make funny faces really close to her face while blowing on her face to make her swallow.  It actually makes her SMILE now! So to those who feel like they have no hope getting their kid to take medicine - do NOT give up!

I know, these two pictures are not proportionate but she does keep looking chunkier and chunkier!

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  1. I love this stage she is in too! She is just so cute!! :] And so happy all the time! And holy heck she is growing so fast! Just her four month to five month pictures she looks so much bigger!