March 14, 2013


Devin and I like to go grocery shopping together. Especially at night when it's not very crowded and we can take our time, discussing meal ideas with each other, etc. Well, I saw this recipe the other day for a pizza that I really want to try. Pesto chicken pizza with feta cheese, red onion, toasted pine nuts, and grilled lemon garlic chicken.
As I'm thinking about this in the grocery store, we walk through the frozen food section and Devin starts pleading with me to get fish sticks. He starts telling me how he wants to make me one of his favorite meals: fish sticks and angel hair Pasta Roni with thousand island dressing dipping sauce.

Now, this is no bash on Devin's cooking skills because he truly is quite talented in the kitchen (See exhibit A). But this just goes to show how different our taste buds are.
In all our stubbornness to impress the other, we will be making both of these meals and I think it will be rather eye be continued

Exhibit A:

 A little somethin somethin Devin picked up in the West Indies...fried plantains with "piklis" and cajun seasoned fish and rice. yum yum!

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  1. What's Devin's other favorite? He used to make it at the Nina...Chili with hot dogs in it or something like that?

    1. Oh yeah...the first thing I ever had at that house was a chili dog. Hot dog with chili poured over it. And I think we had a side of toast :) That meal may or may not have made me wonder if our culinary preferences could survive together haha