October 24, 2012

Open Hunt Fall 2012

Devin left me for a couple days last weekend to go home to Burley where he met up with his cousin, Trevor, to camp out in Sublett for an open buck hunt.  The poor guy was battling a cold and had put in some LONG work days all week so he could take Friday off to go.  He even woke up early early Thursday morning to go sight in his gun before going to work because he had no other time to do it!  He's been watching hunting videos every night on the tablet before bed for months now so he was really excited to go - nothing stopping him! 

He texted me Friday afternoon: Got one at 10 a.m. this morning, 300 yd shot to the neck!

Trevor got the first shot, which injured him and sent him running off. They went to the spot and found blood, so they started tracking him. Devin got a good shot to finish him off - when they went and found him there were two shots right in the neck like he said!

I'm so glad it was worth the trip, even Garrett and Greg came up for the weekend so Devin got to hang out with them Friday night and all of Saturday.  He definitely deserved that break after such a long week! Pin It

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