October 22, 2012


Celebrating the 

I was so sad that I forgot my camera!!  Thank you to Abby for letting me steal all of these off of Facebook :)
These wonderful girls in my ward put on a fantastic baby shower for me on Saturday! Sofia made delicious crepes, Tyne brought some yummy cider, and everything was decorated so cute for fall/autumn. I loved the "mummy to be" theme, especially those cupcakes that Annie made, how cute :) Abby, the hostess, has a way of bringing everyone and anyone together so I think all guests felt very comfortable in her home, even though not everyone knew each other.  Thank you! 
     They set up a little pumpkin bucket for people to drop advice notes into, which I'm excited to get because I know I'll need all the advice I can get!  We also played a couple fun games:

-Guess the circumference of my belly with a piece of string:  We all cut a piece of string the size that we guessed my belly was.  Everyone guessed too big, even I wasn't very close - but Annie won, almost exactly!  (I'm actually feeling quite a bit bigger just two days later, I wish I kept that string to know if I've grown!)
-Guess what made the poopy diaper:  They got 3 different candy bars and microwaved each one in a diaper and we had to go around and guess what the candy bar was, based on what the messy diaper looked like.  It was pretty gross, but hilarious and SO hard!  They used Carmello, Milky Way Midnight, and Mr. Goodbar.  The marshmallow in the milky way midnight was tricky...

We'll have one stylish little baby!  Emma made some adorable bows for our little Ava - she has made all of the ones for her little girl, Holland, and I love them so I was excited to get some too!  We have now have a good variety of animal print, an adorable bath towel, the perfect swaddle blankets, and a good start to our diaper supply!  When Devin came home and helped me bring the gifts in, he said "This is like Christmas!" :)
We're so excited to have a little girl, everything was so cute and we couldn't be more grateful!

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  1. I wish I could have come! Looks like you had a great time. I hope baby Ava was spoiled.