June 20, 2012

Random: lately

Besides work, grocery shopping, cooking/eating, and working out, here's what we've found ourselves consumed with lately:
Hooked. I had watched the first season when it first aired back in high school but I totally forgot everything (except Wentworth Miller. ha) So, we've been using our free month-long trial of Netflix to the fullest!  We're realizing it's taking up a little more of our time than we'd like and there are FOUR seasons so we don't know if we'll finish in time but we finished the first season with a bang - we stayed up later than we have since college days and made pancakes at midnight on our griddle in the living room :)

Downy Quilts For Kids

I've been struggling to find things to keep me busy during the day so when I heard about program I ordered myself a kit - not only is it a great service, but I've never done a quilt before so I figured for my first one, this would be perfect practice:  They send you ALL the pieces, cut out and everything with directions and if you click HERE you can see a very detailed tutorial of how to put it together, using the exact kit they send you.  Kind of a crazy design and my quilt won't lay flat but not bad for my first and I hope someone loves it! CLICK HERE to request a kit of your own.  Having the pieces already cut out and everything, it only took me probably a total of 5-6 hours!

and FINALLY...

I saw something on Pinterest for a cute diaper changing toolbelt for dads that I thought would be fun/ny to make for Devin and then I stopped at a yard sale one day and they had one all put together with stuff I wouldn't have even thought of, it was perfect :)  I also got Devin some freeze-dried camping meals to lighten the load for any backpacking trips he's doing this summer.  Nothing compared to the chair he made me but...he's been treating himself to lots of toys lately.  More to come on that later....

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  1. The quilt is so cute! Love you,

  2. Wow--the quilt turned out so nice! What a great project! Loved the Father's Day loot--such good ideas!!