May 1, 2012


Okay, I really need to redeem myself from that last post.  And of course we haven't had internet for over a week so my excitement in scribble-form remained for all to see for much longer than I intended!  Regardless, we have arrived in Boise (Meridian) safe and sound and LOVE our apartment, location, ward, job, people, etc.  We've gone from just under 500 sq ft to a little over 1000 sq ft so you can imagine our joy in that alone :)

Here's the tour! (Our walls are still quite bare, but most everything was out of boxes in just a couple days!)


 BEDROOM (with walk-in closet!)
 Okay, the bedroom is really plain right now, nothing to show.  And the spare just has some extra boxes in it so...that's all.  We sleep and store in those rooms. 

Our little satellite thingamajig actually picks up channels now that we live above ground!  But we still get our Office fix via dvd, while sitting on 

Our past couches have been a free hide-a-bed couch that did not match our apt whatsoever and was not that comfy, then we sold it to get a "couch" aka super uncomfortable futon from Wal-Mart but it DID have cup holders and we just loved that so NOW - best of both worlds :)  My parents graciously got this for us as graduation/Devin's birthday present! 

More on the actual move and life in Meridian later... Pin It


  1. Yay! I love this. I wish we could come visit and watch a movie and play Likewise.

    What a nice apartment!

  2. awwww your place looks awy cute!!!! I hope all is going well!

  3. I love your post. We've had fun seeing all that you've done. Your home looks so nice and I LOVE all the light coming in from your windows :) Love you

  4. Mom, don't wait until Nov 12th to come stay with us a few days. That spare room of ours needs a friend.