May 3, 2012

College Grad

(sorry, I accidentally gave Devin my camera without checking some of my settings that don't get fixed by AUTO.  He did his best :)

 THANK YOU FAMILY!  I was so happy my mom was able to come out for the weekend to celebrate, as well as Laura and Greg :)  They were so kind to help us clean and move on out of our little apartment that very same day!  On our way to Declo for the night we had a celebratory dinner at Maddox and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves :)   Devin and I feel extremely lucky to have parents so willing to support our education.  Through them and scholarships, we've managed to come out without student loans and we couldn't be more grateful!!
I started my major when we got married, so Devin has been through it all - finishing my generals while we were dating/engaged, watching me stress over applying to my major, seeing me enjoy being able to take classes all about what I came to college for, then hating them sometimes, then putting it all into practice during practicum and student teaching which required early mornings, long drives, etc.  So many times he's told me "I hate your major" - haha!  Mostly because of all the books it requires, the books I "think I'll need someday".   But, he hardly ever complained about things that weren't getting done around the house or for him because of my busy-ness and always stepped in to cook meals, wash dishes, keep me from STRESSING out to the max, etc. 

My favorite memory:  We had just gotten engaged, so it was the end of my last semester of taking G.E. classes and I was stressing out trying to study for my Music Civilization final.  We worked together and I was staying in the office late to study, so he stayed with me but we started getting hungry.  He went all the way home and heated up some clam chowder and brought it back up to campus to me with some rolls just in time for me to eat and go take my final.  OH and he helped me clean my apartment for my end of the semester cleaning check/cleaned for me while I was taking a final or who knows what. 

Basically, he's awesome and I'm so proud of him for getting into something he finally likes and wants to try so hard to succeed in.  Now it's my turn to get him back :) Pin It

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