November 15, 2011


This is for update purposes only...mostly.   This is where someone tells me to write everything that comes to my mind for the next two minutes:
Watched "The Sing Off" last night - so sad to see Vocal Point go home and I promise I won't be watching again to see who won...none of the others are good enough to keep my/our interest.
Yesterday was a beautiful day in Provo, 55 degrees and sunny with a cool breeze AND there are still SO many leaves on the trees, I had a stressful day at school but nothing mattered thanks to that.
Still watching Planet Earth for my science class - breathtaking and makes me want to explore. However, I'm kind of scared of the ocean now.

Dreaded coming to school today. Substitute = I teach all day. Good news: It turned out great and I pretended to give my kids a tour of Alaska to show them how to add detail to their state reports. Thank goodness I had an awesome substitute who helped me a ton.  NO thanks to money for being so confusing to my students (or maybe it's me, or the substitute, or my, I think it's the half-dollar. Who uses half-dollars?)
I'm getting observed tomorrow - what time? During math. awesome.

Went to opening game of BYU Basketball season tonight (which will be the only basketball we watch for a little while, no thanks to selfish NBA players) - Brandon Davies rocked the house. But we miss Jimmer.
I come home almost every day to Devin watching youtube videos of nutnfancy, a gun expert from Utah. He's so excited for Thanksgiving when he can go shooting whenever he wants with all his gun shooting uncles and brother and dad (oh and me, ha)

Thanksgiving. We leave in ONE WEEK.

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  1. Love you, and praying for a happy math-teaching observation! Glad you are having a beautiful fall to keep your spirits up - we are, too. Seems like a never-ending autumn this year. Maybe we'll still have some beauty left when you get here next month! We can hope!