October 24, 2011

Too Short

Our time spent in Idaho this weekend was JUST what we needed, although we would have loved to stay a littttle longer!   It was nice not feeling the need to grab our cameras every minute because it was just such a chill, relaxing weekend SO this is the only pic we have, thanks to Devin's mom:
They DID throw me an early birthday celebration, which was so fun especially because Ike and Ivy were as excited as I was :)
Devin and Greg sure got some quality brotherly time and they even let me come shooting with them which was so fun. I love my little gun even more now - it's the perfect one for me. (aka, I've finally accepted the fact that Devin didn't get me a gun for Christmas just so he could have another one around) 
    The wonderful weather let us enjoy a night of high school football and yet another haunted corn maze, which was in Burley this time. Devin's best friend from high school started it and it is pretty l-e-g-i-t (this one was scary AND hard to find your way through!).

Thanks for the awesome weekend, now all we can think about is Thanksgiving...
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  1. It was so fun to have you up--we loved celebrating your birthday a few days early. Ivy loves her aunt Claire...she was pointing you out on the family picture just last night! Hope you have a very nice day....you certainly deserve it! love you

  2. I'm so glad you have family there to celebrate you in the style you deserve! We're really missing being with you today. Love you